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Guide to IR35 Contractors Legislation

Our Free Guide to IR35 Contractors Legislation

IR35 is a piece of legislation introduced in the UK in April 2000 – it is important for contractors to understand and consider whether it applies to them

The aim of the legislation is to eliminate the avoidance of tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) through the use of intermediaries, such as Personal Service Companies or partnerships, in circumstances where an individual worker would otherwise be regarded as an employee of the client that they are working for.

Together with our partners Qdos Consulting, who are specialists in defending clients against HMRC enquiries and disputes, we have produced a free guide to IR35 which helps explain some of the key issues and things to consider. You can read a copy here IR35 in a Nutshell – Simply Contract Free Guide.

If you would like us to forward you a copy of the guide by email, please let us know on our enquiry form.


Contractor Tax Dispute & Investigation Insurance from £117 per annum

Qdos also offer contractor tax insurance products from as little as £117 (+ vat) per year.  Their policies will protect you in the event of HMRC opening an enquiry into your accounts, whether it is a PAYE compliance review, VAT dispute, IR35 enquiry or any other HMRC enquiry, Qdos specialist experts will be there from day one to defend you. You can find our more information about Qdos tax insurance options on our Tax Investigation Insurance partner offers page.